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The creative heart of the Angela Caputi brand is located in the historic centre of Florence, a stone's throw from Ponte Vecchio, in an ancient seventeenth-century building better known as the "Palazzetto Medici".
Established in 1975 (the same year Hunt Leather was founded) Angela Caputi applied her love affair with golden-era cinema, art & fashion to design jewellery that spoke to women that understand the beautiful strength of femininity.
Working with Italian-made synthetic resins to achieve the vibrant colours and stunning but soft geometric shapes have become her signature. The optical effect of the resins resembles velvets, brocades and chenille, those iridescent, luminous and elegant fabrics that catch the eye.


5 April 2003 – “Firenze Donna Award”- Handicraft

For being the expression of a creative and successful handicraft designer and becoming an unquestioned market leader in the field of accessories.


11 February – 12 April 2003 – The Museum at FIT (NY). Exhibition “Fashion Italian Style”.


13 September 2005 – 22 January 2006 – The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY). Special Exhibition “Rara Avis. Selections from the Iris Barrel Apfel Collection”.


20 June – 23 July 2006 – Museo degli Argenti – Palazzo Pitti (Florence). Exhibition “Lampi D’Ingegno. Mestieri D’Arte a Firenze”. 


10 May – 30 June 2006 – Strozzina – Palazzo Strozzi (Florence).

Exhibition “Rifiuti Preziosi: Il Nouveau Réalisme e la cultura contemporanea”.


23 October 2006 – “Simonetta Vespucci Award”

The Florence Committee of “The National Museum of Women in the Arts” in Washington recognise this award to Angela Caputi, for extraordinary contributions in the world of the Arts, as artist and creator of the bijoux line Giuggiù.


13 November 2008 – 7 January – L’Atelier – Ateliers d’Art de France (Paris). Exhibition “Craftsman’s Gallery – Art to wear and Experience of Research”.


Since 21June 2010 – Museo degli Argenti – Palazzo Pitti (Florence). Permanent Exhibition “Contemporary Jewel II”.


24 November 2012 – Award “Pinocchio Carlo Lorenzini – Fata TURCHINA”. Award in the category of Fashion and Art.


Since 12 November 2013 – Galleria del Costume – Palazzo Pitti (Florence). Exhibition “Donne Protagoniste nel Novecento”.


30 April – 15 October 2014 – Ente CRF and Museo Horne” (Firenze). Exhibition “Gioielli d’Artista. La tradizione nella modernità”.


“Mestieri della moda” – Florence Art Fashion




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  • I love Angela’s work. Her pieces can be worn on any occasion.

    carmel daveson on

  • So excited that you are bringing her pieces to Australia. I would love to see what you pieces you have on your website and on instagram even if we are only able to purchase in store.

    Jenny whitehouse on

  • I’ve just bought that stunning caramel and blue necklace by Angela Caputi.
    I really hope you’re planning to bring more of her pieces to your stores, not just in Melbourne and Sydney, but also Brisbane please. Her pieces are ideal for our Queensland climate and lifestyle. Looking forward to seeing more of her works of art instore here in Brisbane.
    Lesleigh O’Keeffe

    Lesleigh O’Keeffe on

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