Wanny was fully "immersed" in hippie culture, and chose the bison symbol in homage to the animal that he has always thought of as his totem: strong and calm, brave and resistant.   He created bags that have become iconic, that can still be found today in the brand’s heritage collection.

Today, Il Bisonte's flagship store, showroom and headquarters are all housed within Palazzo Corsini’s extraordinary, monumental walls, close by the original workshop.  Most importantly, for us, the company is utterly true to Wanny's own values, and his absolute devotion to the extraordinary tradition of Florentine craftsmen.

Our parents John and Betty Hunt first brought Il Bisonte to Australia for Hunt Leather in the early 1980s. The iconic briefcases, wallets, and handbags drew an unwavering following; as we always say, an Il Bisonte customer becomes an Il Bisonte fan for life.

It's been an incredible journey, watching Il Bisonte grow and yet, stay true to their values. It is the original 'sustainable' brand - an overused word these days! Every piece of Il Bisonte is made using an exclusively local supply chain; the leathers, hardware, linings and fabrics are all sourced within 30km of the workshop in Pontassieve.

Every piece is made to order - and with longevity in mind, without generic trends. And unlike the mainstream brands, every Il Bisonte store around the world chooses its own collections.

Our range in Australia is made to order for us, chosen for our customers, for our lifestyles and our climate. We are very proud to be representing Il Bisonte in Australia - 40 years strong!


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