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About Omersa Animals

Omersa are known around the world for their unique handcrafted leather animals. The first leather pig was made in 1927 and made its debut at Liberty of London.  First brought to Australia by Hunt Leather in the late 1970s.  Today the animals can be found across the world. Designed and hand-made to order in Lincolnshire, England by a team of artisans.

Statement. Footstool. Ornament. There’s an animal for you!

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Embossing At Hunt

Adding a touch of personalisation can really elevate a gift of leather.

Weddings, Business, Birthdays and Anniversaries - whether making your mark or marking a milestone – we are pleased to offer our monogramming service for purchases at Hunt.* 

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Introducing Angela Caputi

Angela Caputi’s jewellery are considered both fashion and art. Her designs are an expression of eternity and femininity, through a modern lens using traditional Florentine hand-crafted techniques.

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Hunt & Strand Arcade

As we celebrate our first decade at Sydney’s iconic 'Strand' and our new store (nestled inside the arcade) we thought we might share with you a little of its 130 year history.  

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Il Bisonte - The Heart Of Florence

In the early seventies, Wanny Di Filippo, the founder and ambassador of Il Bisonte, designed and made his first leather products in the historic heart of Florence.  

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'What Lies Beneath' Portraits by Andrea Francolini


Andrea Francolini is a renowned and award-winning photographer with over 20 years experience behind the lens. Based in Sydney Australia, Andrea was born in Milan Italy and was educated in the USA and Switzerland. His freelance career has seen him working on every continent around the world as well as achieving high-acclaim as a marine industry photographer.

Exhibition ends November 30, 2021

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Love Your Leather

We're so pleased to announce the release of our own branded leather-care cleaner and protection guard. Proudly made in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.

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Il Bisonte - The Art of Vegetable Tanning Has Ancient Roots


In archaic Italian, "vacchetta" referred to a leather book that contained a family's detailed daily expenses. In sacristies it was where masses were registered. The art of vegetable tanning has prehistoric roots that are well documented throughout Tuscany. In ancient times, thanks to its extraordinary resistance, cowhide leather was mainly used to make hunting saddlebags and shoes for shepherds and soldiers.

Strict rules regulating the tanning process were already in place during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. These rules were established by the Guilds of Florence through the Statute of the “Lesser” Guild (Arti Minori) of Curriers and Tanners. These master artisans were heirs to the centuries-old technique of mixing tannins extracted from plants and manually crafting the leathers.

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Introducing 'The Raconteur'

The Raconteur is an artisanal luxury fragrance brand based in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2017 by Craig Andrade, The Raconteur specialises in natural botanical fragrances using Australian native plant extracts. Their fragrances are functional, they transcend gender, and all products are handmade in Australia.

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At Home With Fiona Shakespeare

An adaptation of our ‘In Conversation…” series, we meet with some of our favourite people in the Hunt Community as they invite us into their home to talk about work, dreams and motivation.

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