Graham and Susie met in London, where Susie was studying millinery, and Graham had a market stall for his t-shirts. They lived in Greece for a little while, and worked in Florence teaching English, where they discovered a trove of vintage hat "straws" stockpiled in old warehouses, which sparked the creation of Axel Mano.
The duo pride themselves on craftsmanship, combining the finest quality local and Italian materials with traditional hand blocking methods to produce bespoke hats and headwear, alongside their line of handmade bags and accessories.
The “travel hats” – our Seychelles and Corfu hats – are made of “ramie”, which is a natural fibre, like linen, but considered more sustainable. It is incredibly strong, and doesn't shrink; it even has a natural resistance to mildew.

They’re all dyed by hand in the Axel Mano courtyard. Every batch varies slightly – as the ramie varies, every hat even within a batch will be slightly different.
They can be squashed – they will crush a little, but can be reshaped to your liking with a steam iron, or steamer.
Always a winter hit - the PomPom Beanie. The soft and supple wool is made in the Czech Republic by a storied mill, Tonak - which has been operational over 220 years. Axel Mano shape them beautifully, with a wrinkle at the front, generously deep at the back.
But why bags? It started by discovering a roll of webbing.

Axel Mano's signature "seat belt" bags are prime examples of their inventiveness. The webbing is made in Melbourne, and is used in semi-industrial settings, such as the edges of awnings. It’s extremely colourfast and durable – the Axels used it to make a cover for a butterfly chair in their courtyard and it’s been out in the sun and rain, enjoying the weather for a few years.

Their bags are incredibly durable - the webbing doesn't pill, fade, or wear out - and it's washable. We love working with Graham and Susie to bring new shapes to our stores, such as the little "Essential" phone bag, a tiny, happy bag borne of so many lockdown walks.
The “Axels” create the body of the bags, and then they work with Boris, a talented craftsman from Ukraine, based in Surry Hills, who assists with the final making up. Each bag is lined in a brightly coloured Japanese silk, with useful pockets and key clips, and is made to order for us.

Twenty years of Axel Mano at Hunt: an Australian treasure, we are proud and honoured to showcase them at our stores.
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