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A legacy of quality, distinctive design, and perfect functionality.

In a retail landscape that has reasonably been accused of homogeneity, Hunt is a rare creature that prides itself not just on its focus on niche, exquisitely hand-crafted objects of integrity, but also on its commitment to providing customers with hard (and good)-to-find treasures. With more than 45 years in the trade, Hunt is no stranger to the game, and in an industry that’s notoriously fickle, the loyal following Hunt enjoys is due neither to happy coincidence nor a result of merely good luck.



Since our parents John and Elizabeth Hunt noticed in 1975 that Australian consumers were ready for quality leather goods—even if they weren’t as yet aware of this need themselves!—the mission to equip their countrymen with beautiful work, travel, and lifestyle accoutrements has been unflagging. The emphasis when selecting our products and suppliers has stayed true through the decades on quality, and on only carrying collectible pieces that will weather the blows of time and wear squarely on the chin, and respond with panache and the assurance that, like the sturdy oak, they will endure.



You could say that we have always had leather in our blood: John’s great-great-grandfather owned a boot and shoe factory in Balmain in 1852, and it was thanks to him that diggers were well shod and ready for the travails of the gold fields. We’ve come a long way since the heady early days of our first store in the MLC Centre in 1975, now with stores in central Sydney, Balmain, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as an online platform to serve those more remotely located.



So much has changed, and yet so much remains immutable. We continue to be committed to our father’s legacy of unearthing treasures of the most uncommon quality and design for our customers, and we will, as we always have, forge direct relationships with our suppliers in order to bring Australians only the best that can be found.



Nowadays, form and function must exist as soul mates, with tradition serving as the loyal best man. Our products are just that, as reliable as they are objects of integrity and beauty, and that’s why, now more than ever, Australians depend on Hunt to ensure they leave home well prepared to face anything that comes their way, from an unexpected storm, to that all important deal, and all the while looking sharp as two tacks whilst doing it.

Enjoy discovering our website. We’ve enjoyed compiling our treasures to share with you.

- Sophie Hunt, CEO