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Swags Desk Set

Swags - Mark Honore

The Swags Desk Set is the perfect accessory for your work or the home office. This superb quality thick leather desk set comprises a large desk mat, mouse pad and coaster, in vegetable-tanned cowhide, unlined, with slightly rounded corners. The desk mat is designed to work well with large laptops, or a full size keyboard.

  • Hand cut full leather body
  • Handmade in Australia

An occasional application of Leatherguard will reduce scratches and scuffs.

From the maker, Mark Honoré:

"I have chosen to make the Desk Accessories from a Full Vegetable tanned cowhide.  The leather is a mid-weight, or medium thickness of about 3.0 to 3.25mm, and has been sourced from the Tuscan area of Italy.

Italian tanneries source most of their skins from Northern Europe/Scandinavia. These areas produce the “cleanest”, least scarred hides from anywhere in the world.  The leather is fully vegetable Tanned, Analine dyed-through, and finished with a Analine/ Pigment finish. I believe this finish provides the best protection from scratching, scuffing and spills."


47 L x 31.5 D x 0.5 H cm (Desk Mat)
19.5 L x 23 D x 0.5 D cm (Mouse Pad)
10.5 L x 10.5 D x 0.5 D cm (Coaster)

Body: Vegetable tanned leather

A word from Mark on "Vegetable-Tanning"

"For centuries family run tanneries in Italy have perfected the process known as Bark Tanning, or Vegetable Tanning. The process is achieved through the use of tannin, mostly in a powdered form. Tannin is extracted from the trunk, bark, and nuts of trees such as Oak, Chestnut, Mimosa and Argentine Quebracho.

With the addition of water, a special tanning liquor is achieved. The skins are soaked in this for up to a couple of weeks, ensuring deep, all-over penetration. Additional processes applied across the skin, include, splitting/shaving, colouring and addition of softening oils.

My focus here, though, is really to relate the magic and beauty of Vegetable Tanned Leather.

Pick it up, feel its weight, its substance, gently roll it in your hands, watch how it moves, take a “sniff”, observe its structure and surface.

Love it, look after it and rejoice in its unique beauty."

About Swags:

Characterised by striking designs, sterling workmanship, and remarkable value, Mark Honore’s distinctive range of products are made from the vegetable-tanned leathers in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

NB: Due to the handmade nature of this product colour variations may occur