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Leather Pig - Mini (Christmas Pre-Order)

Omersa Animals

Limited Time Christmas Pre-Order Offer

The Animals are back and just in time for Christmas! 

Est. Delivery 6-8 weeks.  Approx. arrival Late November/Early December.

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Decorate and elevate any space with our menagerie of leather animals. The Mini sized pig makes a charming decorative element for any desk, console or mantlepiece.
  • Constructed out of top grain “unfinished” cowhide leather which will develop natural scuff marks reflecting the wear and tear of life. 
  • Each piece is hand-stained a deep mahogany brown which is then waxed and polished. 
  • Due to the nature of cowhide and the animals' hand-built internal structure, each piece is never the same giving every piece a unique expression and shape.
  • Made to order exclusively for Hunt.

NB: Each piece is made to order, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Body: Cowhide
Lining: Metal and timber frame with wood wool filling
Accessories: Brass

Size: 24 L x 16 H x 10 D cm (all sizes are approximate)
Weight: 1.2 kg

About Omersa:

Omersa are known around the world for their unique handcrafted leather animal footstools and decorative home accessories. 

The first leather pig was made in 1927 and made its debut at Liberty of London. First brought to Australia by Hunt Leather in the late 1970s.  Today the animals can be found across the world. Designed and hand-made to order in Lincolnshire, England by a team of artisans.

Statement. Footstool. Ornament.

There’s an animal for you!