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Angela Caputi - Appointment Booking

Angela Caputi

Our new season of Angela Caputi has arrived in our stores, including cuffs, earrings (clip-on), bracelets and necklaces.

Each collection is exclusively displayed and available for purchase in-store or by personal online appointment* only. 

*Personal appointments are open Monday - Friday. 10AM - 5PM AEST by text, video-link (Facetime, Teams or Google Meet) or phone. 

About Angela Caputi:

Angela Caputi’s jewellery are considered both fashion and art. Her designs are recognized for their creativity and for their constant evolution. Each detail is heavily researched, the marvellous nuance of colours, created using “simple” materials such as synthetic resins. Her jewellery is an expression of eternity and femininity, through a modern lens using traditional hand-crafted techniques.  Made to order in Florence, Italy.