Does the world need another candle, or eau de parfum for that matter?

That’s the question Craig asked before deciding to dive head-on into the world of natural perfumery and candle making. “Generally, the answer is no”, he says. “Unless you’re making something truly unique that doesn’t already exist.”

Craig learned the craft of making scented candles many years ago from Elise Pioch Balzac (founder of Maison Balzac). He attended one of the world’s leading perfume schools - the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Over several years he learned about the key natural and synthetic ingredients used to make fine fragrance, and the technique of how to structure and formulate fragrances.
“I was asking [them] about Australian scents and people couldn’t answer me.
They know of sandalwood, or eucalyptus, but there is so much more to Australian flora. These European perfumers, working in the best houses, did not know anything about these ingredients. It was a lightbulb moment.”
“My perfumery practice straddles beauty, art, history, science, botany, geography, and physiology. It comprises rich layers of storytelling and meaning. My focus is on making natural fragrances that combine these elements and provide both pleasure and purpose.”

Australia is the oldest continental landmass on Earth. It formed 100 million years ago when it broke away from Gondwanaland and its native plants have evolved, adapted and flourished ever since against one of the hottest, driest and most severe climate regimes. Raconteur fragrances draw on 100 million years of beauty and showcase Australia's extraordinary botanical heritage.
Australia has over 18,000 unique native botanicals. And while not all of them have an essential oil or absolute that can be extracted, we are still discovering new plant species. The Raconteur's goal is to help bring new fragrant oils to market and celebrate the rich botanical diversity of our landscape.
Our selection of candles include: Byron Bay, Bondi Beach, Tasmania, Red Centre and Hamilton Island.

Available online with Hunt and exclusively at our Balmain store in NSW.
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