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The Artists Label 'Oriental Patchwork' Silk Kimono Robe

The Artists Label

A luxurious silk kimono, in a new longer length, with a matching silk belt; featuring a rich patchwork of ancient kimono patterns, contrasted by a delicate tracery of florals juxtaposed with gorgeous floral print.

Size: One Size

Fabric: 100% Silk Chiffon, the softest kimono you will ever wear. The material is a 100% natural fibre sourced from different woods so it is breathable, warm and yet will not overheat.

About the artwork

"Oriental Patchwork - is a collage made out of various traditional Japanese and Chinese kimono patterns. On one hand it references the diversity and richness of their designs, and on the other hand, it references the concept of zero waste fashion, as new creations can be made with leftover fabrics, by using the patchwork technique."

- Oana Soare (Italy)

SKU:  FRMAY23111

About The Artist's Label:

Limited release luxury silk and cashmere scarves, silk kimonos and pillowcases.

The Artists Label, based in Sydney, showcases hand-painted artworks curated from a selection of international artists including Australia and New Zealand.

The chosen artworks are digitally printed onto silk or cashmere.

At Hunt we are proud to showcase a wide selection of The Artists Label, with four seasonal collections each year.  We work closely with Richard Ramsay from The Artists Label to specify our own range of superb fine silk and cashmere scarves with a generous width.