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The Artists Label 'Songbirds' Cashmere Scarf

The Artists Label

The 'Songbirds' cashmere scarf was created by New Zealand digital artist and designer Suzanne Carter. In her own words Suzanne describes this piece: "This artwork is a photomontage called Songbirds. Using double exposure techniques for the beautiful girl and incorporating it into a divine scene of forests and birds it creates a dreamlike feeling of a life submerged in the forest listening to the sounds of singing birds as we drift trough the night."
  • 100% cashmere stole


About The Artist's Label:

The Artists Label (formerly Front Row Society) was founded in Berlin in 2011 as a collaborative endeavour with artists from around the world. An Artists Label scarf is a sophisticated, eminently wearable expression of art, or inspiring stories brought vividly to life. Each season, a design brief and colour story are provided, and submitted designs are chosen by public vote. Often ethereal and always imbued with vibrant, rich colours, The Artists Label scarves are available in Hunt in cashmere and silk with designs from four seasons to look forward to every year.

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