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Axel Mano Bangalow Hat

Axel Mano

The Axel Mano Bangalow hat is sure to make a statement. The classic wide brim silhouette is offset by the bohemian crown ribbon.

This piece features:
  • Finely woven straw
  • Removable textile lining
  • Brim length: 12cm (from crown)

About Axel Mano:

Handmade in Sydney by Axel Mano, using supple webbing, with the strength of seat belts but a very soft touch.

'Axel Mano' is the design partnership of Susie Meekin & Graham Clarke who apply the same philosophy when designing bags as they do hats, using simple materials in an inventive yet practical way, whilst at the same time reflecting the mood of the season. Susie comes from a design background and studied millinery in London before returning to Australia to open the 'Axel Mano' store in Woollahra, Sydney, with Graham, an artist and designer, in 1999. All the current bags in the range are made of industrial re-recyclable webbing, which is very hard-wearing and is used for seatbelts and other heavy weight-bearing uses, yet is soft to the touch and lightweight. The bag fittings are sourced in Italy, and every model has pockets for mobile phones and other essentials, with gorgeous linings of brightly coloured silks and cottons.

Every piece is handmade in Australia.

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